Underrated Korean Male Actors That Deserves Spotlight


The Korean industry holds some of the most incredible talents in the realm of the global industry as a whole. In recent times, the same is being acknowledged on majorly Western-centric platforms, most importantly the Oscars. With 'Parasite' taking home 4 Oscars last year and veteran actress Youn Yuh Jung winning the "Best Supporting Actress" award at the Oscars this year, South Korea is at the forefront of the world's stage. When it comes to K-Dramas, everyone knows the likes of Hyun Bin, Park Seo Joon, Ji chang Wook, and the like. However, there are also some incredibly talented Korean actors that deserve more mainstream attention.

Lee Je Hoon

Lee Je Hoon is one of the biggest stars in the Korean entertainment industry and is known for being very particular about his projects. He has more films under his belt than he does dramas, which is perhaps why he's considerably underrated among the K-Drama fandom. He is highly acclaimed critically and currently appears in SBS' 'Taxi Driver' as Kim Do Gi.

Lee Sun Gyun

A powerhouse of talent, Lee Sun Gyun is an iconic figure within the South Korean film and TV industry, even more so with his role in the Oscar-winning 'Parasite' as Park Dong Ik, the patriarch of the Park family. Even world-renowned author Paulo Coehlo lauded his performance in the drama 'My Mister,' where he starred as Park Dong Hoon alongside IU. Much like Lee Je Hoon, he has over 34 films in his filmography and 14 dramas too. 

Choi Tae Joon

Choi Tae Joon is known best for dramas like 'Suspicious Partner' and 'The Undateables' and will be returning to the small screen alongside SNSD's Sooyoung in the Korean remake of 'So I Married An Anti-fan.' However, it would be an understatement to say that Choi Tae Joon deserves more attention. It is high time that Choi Tae Joon gets a leading role, and it is finally happening!

Kang Ki Young

Kang Ki Young is one of those actors who, if cast, makes any K-Drama a hundred times better. He embodies his characters with all his being, making them iconic and the entire experience much more enjoyable. He's the one you laugh at and laugh with and also the one you miss the most when the drama is over.

Kwak Si Yang

Kwak Si Yang is one of the most attractive actors in the industry and is brimming with male lead potential. Most recently, he has been cast as Grand Prince Suyang in 'Redsky.' He has proved his mettle on multiple projects and truly deserves more attention and appreciation, both for his visuals and his talents.

Lee Soo Hyuk

Lee Soo Hyuk is criminally underrated at this point, especially considering how critically acclaimed he is as an actor. Most people remember him from 'Scholar Who Walks The Night,' where he played the antagonist vampire Gwi. It is no wonder that he originally debuted as a model because he has extremely sharp features and a piercing gaze. He looks like age has not touched him since his twenties, and we can't help but wish he gets cast as a male lead with all the spotlight on him soon. For now, he will appear in tvN's 'Doom At Your Service' as Cha Joo Ik.

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