Son Ye Jin Dubbed As The New Romantic Comedy Queen


 Son Ye Jin who drew lots of attention for her romance-comedy series “Crash Landing on You” in 2020. Because of her performance, in a recent content produced by Unique Entertainment News, Son Ye Jin was named as the new romantic comedy queen!

From movies to series, the “Classic” star never fails to deliver a good performance. She even aces building chemistry with her leading men younger than her.

Son Ye Jin’s Chemistry with Younger Leading Men 

Unique Entertainment News revisited Son Ye Jin’s previous acting projects that showcase her changes and versatility as an actress. In 2010, she worked with Korean actor Lee Min Ho in the series “Personal Taste.” He was her first leading man younger than her.

Known for her goddess-like beauty, Son Ye Jin turned into a different character as Park Gae In, a woman who doesn’t like to dress up. Ye Jin made a comic and matured transformation in “Personal Taste.”

In the following year, Son Ye Jin starred in the romance-horror movie “Spellbound,” where she worked with Lee Min Ki. She played the role of Kang Yeo Ri, a woman who has never been in a serious relationship because she keeps on seeing ghosts. She exclusively displayed her youthful appearance as well as a creepy charm that were never seen before in her previous projects.

Her collaboration with “D.P” actor Jung Hae In in “Something in the Rain” was also a huge success. Their chemistry was natural and was new in the viewers’ eyes.

Son Ye Jin earned the “romantic comedy queen” title as she can immediately transform into any role and still produce high quality acting.

Meanwhile, the “Crash Landing on You” actress gears up for her small screen comeback with JTBC’s “Thirty Nine,” scheduled to hit primetime sometime in 2022.

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