Kim Woo Bin Sent His Support For EXO D.O. With A Coffee Truck


 ICYDK, Kyung Soo, or EXO’s D.O., is *extra* busy after he was discharged from the military earlier this year: He just released his first solo album and will star in two upcoming movies. Of course, his high-profile friends are *very* supportive of him and one of them is Kim Woo Bin, who just gave him a present!

In an Instagram post by Coffee Pong, the Uncontrollably Fond actor sent a coffee truck to the filming set of D.O.’s new film, The Moon. What’s even more heartwarming is Woo Bin’s message in the banners, which reads (as translated by Soompi): “Please take good care of my Kyung Soo” and “Don’t get hurt, Do Kyung Soo. Don’t get sick, Do Kyung Soo. Eat well, Do Kyung Soo. Sleep tight, Do Kyung Soo. Scream, Do Kyung Soo.” I’M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE.

If you look closely, Woo Bin even chose a super adorable picture of Kyung Soo!

Woo Bin and Kyung Soo have been friends for a long time and they’re part of a *famous* celebrity barkada, which also includes Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Ki Bang, and Bae Sung Woo. According to Woo Bin, their group would often hang out at Jo In Sung’s place and “just have tea and talk.” Despite being A-listers, Woo Bin said that there’s no jealousy or negative feelings in their friendship, and they’re all open to feedback when it comes to their projects. Awww!

Apart from the coffee truck, Woo Bin also promoted Kyung Soo’s new tracks on his Instagram stories and captioned it with: “I listen to Do Kyung Soo’s songs when I work out in the gym.” Kwang Soo did the same, too!

Kyung Soo is set to appear in the movie The Moon alongside Kim Hee Ae and Sol Kyung Gyu. He will play the role of a man who was left alone in space. The premiere hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ll keep you updated!

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