Netizens disapprove of KBS's new drama 'Young Lady and Gentleman'



KBS's new drama series 'Young Lady and Gentleman' was not well-received by netizens.

On September 25th, the new romantic drama series 'Young Lady and Gentleman' premiered. However, the show gained negative attention online for its wide age gap between the main couple in the drama. Most netizens did not hesitate to express their deep-seated aversion to the drama's scene where the two main characters meet each other for the first time. The said scene showed a 13-year-old child meeting the 27-year-old man, which later leads to the main plot.

Some of the comments include: "Wide age gap isn't a real problem here. It's the fact that they showed a child potentially falling in love with a grown-up man. They could have just shown them falling for each other after they both became adults." 

"This is so effing gross."

"Okay, why are the production team focusing on their age gap so much? I really don't like how they are directing a scene like this."

"Please leave complaints to the KBS drama production department. This should not be tolerated."

"What is wrong with this country? Why are they keep producing this type of show? Who's approving?"

"This would only encourage pedophiles. We literally had child rapist Cho Doo Soon making headlines."

"If they wanted to show their relationship naturally evolving, they could have made it as 20 years old and 34 years old."

"I usually like the age gap trope but this isn't it. I wanted to call the police as soon as I saw a 27-year-old talking to a 13-year-old child." 

Netizens disapprove of KBS's new drama 'Young Lady and Gentleman' Netizens disapprove of KBS's new drama 'Young Lady and Gentleman' Reviewed by BALITANG PINAS on September 25, 2021 Rating: 5