YouTuber says she regrets turning down a role in 'Squid Game'


 Popular YouTubers Raye & Jin revealed that Raye had the chance to appear on the Netflix hit series, 'Squid Game.' 

Raye is an American YouTuber living in Korea with her Korean husband, Jin. A video uploaded on September 26 explained that she had been offered a role in 'Squid Game' but had turned down the offer. She explained on this day that a while back, she was once cast to appear on a show wearing just underwear and body painting. Raye revealed that she only found out that the role was for the 'Squid Game' once the series aired. 

Raye started by explaining, "If you're a foreigner in Korea and you're on social media at all, you get so many opportunities to do modeling, TV shows, commercials, movies, and stuff like that... People send you messages all the time."

She continued to say, "It was actually one year ago in October that I got this message saying, 'Hey, we're looking for a model. They are going to be body painted. They're only going to wear underwear and nipple covers, and you'll get paid $4,500 to do it for 3 days. That's a lot of money right?"  Raye continued, "I thought 'Damn! $4,500 for 3 days of work? I could totally do that!' But the nipple covers and underwear made me really nervous! And with these jobs, you actually don't know *usually* what the project is. It's usually kept a secret until you show up."

Therefore, Raye explained that she declined the offer saying, "So knowing nothing about what was going to be filmed, I declined it because...It's kind of embarrassing. I didn't want to be naked in body paint for some random project."

Raye continued to say that she found out that the offered role was for the popular Netflix series 'Squid Game.' She said, "But now that I know, it was for freaking Squid Game, the #1 show in the world, that would have been so cool to be a part of it!" She added, "Next time...I'm going to say 'Yes!'"

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