‘Squid Game’: Is the Netflix K-Drama Eligible for an Emmy Award?


 The hit Netflix Korean drama Squid Game reached a level of success the main cast and fans never expected. It became the most-watched K-drama on the steaming platform since its debut in 90 countries. With the drama’s popularity, fans wonder if Squid Game will break another record and be the first to be eligible for an Emmy award.

The Emmy Award’s already presented its winners for 2021 in Sept. The list of nominees was limited because many series did not meet the time frame for eligibility. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many hit series missed their original premiere dates on television. K-drama fans will be delighted to know Squid Game is now more than eligible to be nominated in 2022.

Park Hae-Soo and Lee Jung-Jae for Netflix's 'Squid Game' wearing black suits standing in pink furnished room

Why is ‘Squid Game’ different from other K-dramas ?

K-dramas have had an extensive fan base for years. Since the globalization of Korean content and culture, K-dramas have broken away from cable television to become hits on streaming platforms like Viki, iQiyi, and now Netflix. Die-hard K-drama fans will agree that there are many award-worthy K-dramas besides Squid Game. So what made this Netflix original drama so popular amongst casual fans?

According to Vogue, fans became enthralled with its gore and brutality that differs from most series. Fans also found that director Hwang Dong-hyuk’s use of childhood games turned into a deadly battle royale refreshing. Part of the lure also came from Hwang’s backstory to how he developed the script and its rejection by studios for 10 years. Vogue also explains the K-drama has a universal story, “specifically its implicit critique of capitalism and exploration of class anxiety.”

Unlike other survival shows, the players participate willingly despite witnessing its fatal outcomes. A global audience is more accepting of a storyline like Squid Game’s. “The world has changed. All of these points made the story very realistic for people compared to a decade ago,” said Hwang for the Times.

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