BTS's Jin leaves a comment under a fan message telling the members to 'leave the company (HYBE)'



BTS's Jin has reacted to a fan asking the members to "leave the company."

Recently on Weverse, a fan left a visible message casually telling the boys—the members of BTS—to 'leave' HYBE Labels.

The message reads, "Guys, let's leave [or come out of] the company."

Under this message, Jin left a short comment: "Huk (gasp), why."

On community websites, several netizens 'protected' Jin while others expressed that they 'understood' the fans' negative feelings towards the company. Some also remarked that the members' share in the company's stocks would probably make it "weird to tell such members to leave." 

Meanwhile, certain reactions to the above claim refuted the statement and said, "Do you think just because someone has a few shares of the company, they own it? Thinking that BTS = HYBE? Stop speculating about anything between the members and the company."

Other reactions include:

"((((((our seokjin))))))"

"I think Jin knows our situation for sure so I hope he tells the other members"

"I get that the fans have some negative feelings towards the company, but don't they know that these things can hurt the members?"

"If they want to criticize the company, they should just do it in private...not where the members can see it..."

"lol, I thought this message was just telling Jin to go to work* (at the company)"

"I agree that the company deserves criticism but I want people to leave the members alone"

"Honestly, though, won't the members, like Jin, behave or react as if they are part of the company itself? Even if the company would be burning down, wouldn't they know better? The fans are not BTS members themselves. To put it simply, the fans are merely the consumers. Whatever happens in the company is the company people's business, not theirs. The only thing that the consumers need to worry about is whether the products will continue to be produced."

"lol i only laughed after seeing this because it felt like the fan was just telling him to leave* for the company"

"What is this talk of stock was only a few point percentages or something"

"[Responding to the comment above] Only a few? lol do you know how much that is"

"I hate HYBE and yet I don't want to say those things in front of my singers. "

"Doesn't Jin like his company..?"

*The original Korean for "come out of" can also be translated as "come out to".

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BTS's Jin leaves a comment under a fan message telling the members to 'leave the company (HYBE)' BTS's Jin leaves a comment under a fan message telling the members to 'leave the company (HYBE)' Reviewed by Bears on November 07, 2021 Rating: 5