How To Apply Polygel Nails With Dual Forms 2021

How To Apply Polygel Nails With Dual Forms 2021. To your liking with your polygel brush. 0:38 degidrate the nails 0:50 u.

How To Use Polygel With Dual Forms / How to do MARBLE/SMOKEY POLYGEL from

0:38 degidrate the nails 0:50 u. I heard about this brand rossi. Now start brushing the gel inside the nail form.

4.Wet The Brush In Slip Solution.shape The Poly Gel On The Dual Form.

10 best polygel nail k its of 2021. Apply polygel in the dual forms and place them on nails. Modelones poly extension gel dual nail forms.

The First Step Is Apply A Thin Layer Of Base Coat And Cure For 60 Seconds With Led Nail Dryer.

10 sizes, 600 tips (flat & curved) coffin shape. Push on them gently to ensure they fully adhere to the nails. 0:38 degidrate the nails 0:50 u.

Douborq Extension Gel Dual Nail Form.

Take a small amount of poly gel out of the tube with the spatula tool and apply it to the dual form. If using a dual form, press the polygel coated dual form on your nail to adhere. Cure the nail as quickly as possible with a uv or led light, and then snap it off by squeezing the sides of the dual shape.

Choose 10 Nail Tips That Fit Each Of Your Nail.

Don’t forget to cover the sides of the nail form with the gel. You can also enjoy using a slip solution, dual forms, nail forms, a base coat, a top matte coat, a. Adjust 10 of them to suit your nails.

This Kit Includes Six Colors Of Extension Gels, A Gel Base, A Topcoat, Dual Forms, A Nail Brush And Spatula, And A Nail File.

Now, you may put on the nail form and spread and sculpt the polygel to your desired shape. Using your brush, spread the polygel on the dual form evenly and sculpt it into the desired shape. Dip your polygel brush in a slip solution, then spread the polygel across the nails.

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