How To Apply Polygel Nails With Tips 2021

How To Apply Polygel Nails With Tips 2021. Coscelia half a dozen colours poly nail gel. First, we have to take cotton balls or pads and apply acetone or nail polish remover on them.

How To Apply Polygel Nails Without Tips KALECEH from

If using a dual form, press the polygel coated dual form on your nail to adhere. Secondly, clean your nails by wiping them with rubbing alcohol or acetone. The whole process is an easy one since the steps are precisely jotted down, and once applying to follow the steps.

The Nail Is Filed Down And Shaped During This Step.

Now shape the nails and wipe off the excess from the nails. Top polygel nail kit for amateurs: Best budget polygel nail kit:

Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Natural Sheer.

Cure your nails underneath the led light to set the polygel. Now use the second bead to cover the natural nails and blend it in with the nail tips. Finish off with top coat and cure under led lamp.

When Finished, Stick The False Nail Onto Your Real Nail And Gently Press Down.

Apply a thin layer of base coat on your nails and cure it for 30 seconds. Then gently press down the rest of the nail to push out any air bubbles, note that bubbles will cause lifting. Cut your nail to a healthy length.

Use A Gentle File Or Buffer To Remove Any Remaining Polygel Off The Surface Of The Nail.

Turn the nail over and smooth out the back of the poly gel to make it smooth. First, we have to take cotton balls or pads and apply acetone or nail polish remover on them. There are two sparkly pink nails, and one of the nails has a rhinestone at the bottom of the nail.

Using The Brush And Slip Solution In Our Kit To Extend The Width And Length Of The Gel, Please Be Sure The Poly Gel Should Be Thickest In The Middle Of The Form.

Soaking in acetone using cotton and nail clips. Next, apply a coat of your dehydrator and nail primer to your. Trim, shape, buff and polish your nails for the desired look.

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