How To Break Into A Sentry Safe With A Bobby Pin

How To Break Into A Sentry Safe With A Bobby Pin. About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new. Pin by charudeal on box security safe box.

How To Unlock Sentry Safe Without Code Let s check how to break into from

Opening your safe with a nail file similar to the paper clip technique, you can also use a nail file to pick the lock on your safe. Seriously guys, easiest way in the world to unlock a sentry safe (any key lock for that matter with just one bobby pin!!! However, if you are looking at your standard mid to lower tier gun safes, all hotel safes (even the ones in vegas) or a personal.

Turn The Dial To 0.

All you have to do to open up the safe is take your trusty sock and magnet device, then attach it to the safe. This ensures that even using a propane torch, the burglar will still have trouble breaking into the safe. How to break into a sentry safe combination lock turn the dial to 0.

Turn Your Clip Pins In A Clockwise Direction For The Opening Of Your Sentry Safe.

Wiggle the file and attempt to rotate the lock clockwise. Step 1, purchase a rare earth magnet with a 125 pounds (57 kg) pull force. Insert the two points of the bobby pin into the lock.

Press The Bobby Pin Forward Into The Lock— Depending On The Door, Simple Forward.

Create a lever and a pick using bobby pins. It only needs to curl up a. For gun safe models made after 2012, follow these steps to crack into a sentry safe.

They Are Ensuring It Because Of Security Purposes.

Insert the first safety pin into the bottom of the lock. Stick the pin into your lock roughly one centimeter. Pin by charudeal on box security safe box.

In This Case, You’ll Want To Insert The Pointy End Of.

Once you hear a ‘click’ sound, continue jiggling. You can buy a rare earth magnet with enough pull force online for between $20 and $50 (usd). From there, a wire can be used to move the solenoid.

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